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PNN: the propellantless propulsion is better than ion propulsion and in Star4 configuration it is capable of taking off

Propulsion-Revolution - ASPS Designs and Builds Prototypes That Move Without Reaction Mass Ejection: PNN F432 - F432BA Demonstration Thrusters

There is a question that should be asked to modern astronautics:


why haven't we got yet bases on the Moon and Mars more than half a century after the historic endeavour?


The answer is no secret, but it has been sidelined and forgotten over time:


because the physics of the utilized propulsion system can only lose mass!


If we take the recent Artemis 1 mission as an example, we can easily see that, after a trip around the Moon without landing, only about 0.3% of the mass that left the launch pad returned to Earth, which means the remaining 99.7% is lost!
But also the fact that Mars has been for decades  the exclusive domain of exploration probes and robots demonstrates that it is simply not possible to transport human beings nor the enormous amount of materials that could ensure the existence of a permanent outpost or to even protect astronauts against the inevitable unforeseen events, not only on Mars but also on the Moon which is much closer to us.

An alternative propulsion cannot be built insisting on the Newtonian physics of rockets, but it can be built with physics that does not force to expel reaction mass to move.

We are well aware that words are not enough to convince, that's why we offer the opportunity to attend the experimental tests of the PNN thruster and let the experimental evidence convince you.

The only solution that can change this catastrophic state of affairs in current astronautics is PNN, propulsion without reaction mass ejection.

Our demonstrative prototypes want to swhow that it is possible to change the paradigm for a real conquest of space.

By connecting to this link

you can learn the working principles of PNN (Non Newtonian Propulsion)

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ASPS can demonstrate experimentally that the PNN surpasses all ion thrusters without expelling mass and that if powered in circumterrestrial orbit with electricity supplied by solar panels it is practically eternal and therefore can move all satellites and other types of payloads ad libitum

We accept collaborations and help that allow us to shorten the times of the following exploration and colonization program for both Moon and Mars.

The PNN propulsion allows the spaceship  to leave whole and return whole with a full load of minerals unlike Artemis 1 which only 0.3% of the spaceship made a single lap around the Moon while 99.7% of the dustbin (vector rocket) was lost.


Here is the timeline of PNN colonization program for the Moon and Mars:


Phase 0 : Appropriate preparatory tests with PNN thrusters and PNN Dynamo as operational electrical generator of the PNN


Phase 1 :  Deliver a PNN probe into Earth orbit with take-off from the ground and remotely controlled for C2 dynamics:  Command and Control of the PNN and in particular for tests on thrust, braking and attitude timing


Phase 2: Construction of a real manned spaceship to the Moon and Mars that allows the identification of the most suitable places to set permanent bases


Let believers in rockets continue in their ridiculous and illusory enterprises which for over half a century (Apollo 11) have been manifestly unable to even colonize the Moon, but instead they only produce film projects and media publicity of what they should do and are not realistically capable to do …. In addition to super fireworks (April 2023) of large dustbins like Starship passed off as successes.


ESSENTIAL NOTE: Those who really collaborate on this project will be able to experimentally see in ASPS Labs that we are not charlatans or rather that the basic elements for realizing it do actually work: PNN thrust and PNN dynamo as an electric generator. The large aerospace organizations that we have approached in the past have lost all the features that could help PNN so they are no longer needed. No one will prevent them from setting up bases on the Moon and Mars with the magnificent means at their disposal: rockets.


…and may the best win

Those who will develop the PNN starting from our F432BA prototype which will soon be on sale together with the patent concessions, have in fact large sectors of maneuver in their experimental development and large profit margins because PNN fights against a propulsion system (the rocket) destined to fail over long distances due to intrinsic physical reasons.

To give a trivial example, the propulsion of rockets is like a car that has to carry the road on which to move. While the PNN, as described , must not transport anything since through the UHF Lorentz force applied to the open circuits it recoils on the VACUUM (which is not a vacuum because it has NOT zero dielectric constant and magnetic permeability!).

​PNN is also electromagnetic and NOT based on the chemistry of the fuels that propel rockets and currently its thrust surpasses ion propulsion

For the most incredulous, if you are reluctant to change your mind, you can see our experiments.

The tragic failure (14 astronauts deceased) and the scrapping of the Space Shuttle after about 30 years of launches have in fact taught nothing to those who are about to waste more time on the inevitably unsuccessful project called Artemis, which comically had to postpone the first launch several times given the complications due to the huge rocket employed.

Zero Point Energy Dynamo : energy from zero point

A collateral product to the PNN but built with the same principles is the ZPED  or Zero Point Energy Dynamo. The PNN will thus be totally non-polluting and eco-sustainable.

The ZPED is on sale in our E-Shop.

If you want to support ASPS to improve PNN you can make a donation via Paypal at the link below

Propulsion-Revolution - ASPS Designs and Builds Prototypes That Move Without Reaction Mass Ejection: PNN F432 - F432BA Demonstration Thrusters
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The site is always being updated and our products evolve both in terms of composition and costs and for various experimental needs they increase over time

In fact, the costs of the F432BA prototype on sale since December 2022 have gone from 1,680,000 to 2,680,000 and now to 4,380,000 Euros

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PNN International Expedition on Mars (PIEM)

PNN International Expedition on Mars (PIEM)


2022-12-17 14:27

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